Small Breweries

Small brewing companies are choosing to start their own unique brand of beer, and some have been extremely successful in recent years. Larger brewers contract the services of small breweries.

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Craft Beer

The process of making craft beer is simple enough for the average individual, and many people have invested in starting their own brewing businesses. Authentic beer is in high demand.

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History of Beer

The history of beer goes back thousands of years, and it was likely perfected by Mesopotamia. There are thousands of different craft beers around the world for people to enjoy.

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5 Reasons Why Craft Beer is The Best

Craft beer is a unique brew that is not made by a ‘’mega-brewery’’ company. Local breweries are small, and many processes still require manual labour. Here are some excellent reasons why craft beer is better. Support Local Businesses  There is something special about visiting your local brewery or pub. Local breweries often use locally

4 Types of Craft Brewing Businesses

The Brewer’s Association for Small and Independent Craft Brewers defines 4 types of breweries, namely, contracted brewers, microbreweries, brewpubs, and regional craft breweries. Brewpubs Brewpubs are notoriously restaurant breweries that sell at least 25% of their beer onsite. In some areas, brewpubs can sell a variety of alcoholic drinks, as well as have a tasty