5 Reasons Why Craft Beer is The Best

Craft beer is a unique brew that is not made by a ‘’mega-brewery’’ company. Local breweries are small, and many processes still require manual labour. Here are some excellent reasons why craft beer is better.

Support Local Businesses

There is something special about visiting your local brewery or pub. Local breweries often use locally sourced ingredients. Drinking local craft beer will support local farmers and other small businesses in the community. If the local brew has good reviews, more people from the outlying parts of the town or city will support businesses in the community.

Immerse Yourself in Local Culture

Local breweries always have a wonderful story to share about the origins of their beer. Craft beer normally adds value to a community’s culture. Friends can have discussions about the ingredients, style, origin, and other interesting features of the beer. This is a great way to feel a greater sense of belonging in the community.

Higher Quality Ingredients

Craft beer is typically made from grains, water, hops, and yeast. Local breweries put more thought into the type and quality of ingredients. Ingredients are normally sourced from local farmers, and breweries take extra care to ensure that all ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality.

Greater Variety of Beer

The fact that local breweries compete to create a unique blend of ingredients means that craft beer enthusiasts have many beer varieties to choose from. There are literally hundreds of local breweries in places such as Australia. Beer lovers are spoilt for choice, and there is a special brew out there for everyone.

Local Beers Are Healthier

The fact that craft beer is made from locally sourced ingredients means that the beer could very well be healthier and taste better. Factory-made beer does not contain as much protein and antioxidants as a beer that is made by a local small brewery. Drinking craft beer in moderation could be much healthier than commercial beer that was made in a factory.

Drinking locally crafted beer has numerous benefits, and there are so many different small breweries out there that continue to craft their own unique brand of quality beer.