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Find more information about local brewers and craft beer. There are several successful craft beer start-ups in Britain.

Craft Beer

The market for craft beer has never seen brighter days, and it continues to expand. More people are buying high-quality and better-tasting beer than ever before. The brewing processes have become more refined, with each local craft brewery adding a unique touch to the brewing process.

The craft beer revolution spread around the world when people first realised that mass-produced beer often neglected certain aspects of the brewing process to speed up production to increase revenue.

Beer is about heritage, individuality, tradition, exploration, taste, and the smell captured there in the beer glass. People have developed a strong connection with beer over millennia, and there is no sign of interest in brewing waning any time soon.

Statistics show that there are now about 1,500 small breweries in the UK alone, which is more than anywhere else in the world relative to the population. Most ardent craft beer drinkers don’t know much about what or how their beer is made, as long as the taste and quality of the bear are up to standard.

Small Breweries

Small brewing companies are choosing to start their own unique brand of beer, and some have been extremely successful in recent years. Larger brewers contract the services of small breweries.

Craft Beer

The process of making craft beer is simple enough for the average individual, and many people have invested in starting their own brewing businesses. Authentic beer is in high demand.

History of Beer

The history of beer goes back thousands of years, and it was likely perfected by Mesopotamia. There are thousands of different craft beers around the world for people to enjoy.

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